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Part NumberManufacturersApplication
TA8529Toshiba Semiconductor STEPPING MOTOR DRIVER (TA8528 2SA950
TA8529FToshiba Semiconductor STEPPING MOTOR DRIVER (TA8528 2SA950
TA8532FToshiba Semiconductor BATTERY CHARGER
TA8532PToshiba Semiconductor BATTERY CHARGER
TA8553FNToshiba Semiconductor G-FORCE SENSOR
TA8563FNToshiba Semiconductor SHOCK SENSOR VERSION)
TA8564FNToshiba Semiconductor SHOCK SENSOR VERSION)
TA8578FNToshiba Semiconductor SHOCK SENSOR VERSION)
TA8700ANToshiba Semiconductor PIF/SIF TV/VTR
TA8701ANToshiba Semiconductor PIF/SIF TV/VTR
TA8703Toshiba Semiconductor QUASI-SIF SYSTEM
TA8703SToshiba Semiconductor QUASI-SIF SYSTEM
TA8710Toshiba Semiconductor CONVERTER